CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Elite Castro military soldiers viciously beat civilians in Villa Clara, Cuba

Via Cubanos por el Mudo (my translation):

Elite Castro military soldiers known as the Black Berets brutally attacked a group of Cubans in Villa Clara as seen in a video posted to social media.

The violent incident took place in the town of Zulueta during a local celebration.

The video was posted to social media by Yusnaby Perez. In the footage, several residents of the town can be seen confronting the police officials dressed in olive green.

Meanwhile, several neighbors who were watching the confrontation were screaming at the officials, asking them why there were acting so violently.

The video also shows how the Castro soldiers forcefully attacked a man, throwing him to the ground. Some of the Cubans attempted to defend themselves, but were easily repelled by the soldiers.

In the last few months, the Cuban regime’s forces of repression have been flexing their muscles against the Cuban people.

This is what socialism looks like in Cuba, elite military thugs viciously and brutally beating civilians.