Whoa, dude! 620,000 Cuban ‘exiles’ visited Cuba in 2019

From our Bureau of Despicable Behavior

Call it the Betrayal of the Yo-Yo’s… or self-inflicted third degree burns of the Cuban kind… or whatever you want.

There is no denying that once again, Cubans have proven themselves their own worst enemies.

Over half a million Cuban Yo-Yo’s traveled to Castrogonia this past year, most of them from the United States, and most of them also loaded with cash and goods.

These Cubans supply Castro, Inc. with billions of U.S. dollars year after year, through their visits and the remittances they send.

Their actions keep the Castro regime afloat and perpetuate its existence. In fact, the Castro regime depends on them, and praises them. Their propaganda value matches their economic value to Castronoid cretins like Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, who cites their behavior as proof of the fact that Cuba is not really an abnormal hellhole.

Do they care about the consequence of their actions? Obviously not.

They are Yo-Yo’s, after all. They go back and forth, like a yo-yo. And they only care about themselves, “me, me”, “yo, yo”.

‘Nuff said…. Miserere nobis, Domine. Cubani sumus.

From WIC News (verbatim, with no attempt to correct its awful English prose)

Cuba enrolled more than 620,000 visits by Cubans dwelling abroad in the as of late finished up 2019, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez gave an account of his Twitter account.

There was an aggregate of 623,831 visits by individuals from the Cuban people group outside the island; of that aggregate, 552,816 were from the United States. In the assessment of Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez, a year ago’s figures “affirm the reinforcing of Cuba’s ties with its nationals abroad.”

These figures speak to another roof as far as visits by Cubans dwelling outside the island and affirm the development over the most recent five years after the defrost between the two nations advanced by previous presidents Raúl Castro and Barack Obama.

In 2018 the number of visits was 600,306, as per official figures; well over the 361,210 enlisted in 2014.

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5 thoughts on “Whoa, dude! 620,000 Cuban ‘exiles’ visited Cuba in 2019”

  1. Carlos, it’s a no-win situation, and it will only get worse. It’s quite beyond reason and impervious to any attempt at curbing it, let alone stopping it. The very best one could hope for would be some degree of restraint, but the only restraint that has any effect is financial limitation–the reason they don’t pump even more money and goods into Castrogonia is that they’re pretty much maxed out.

    In many instances, we’re talking people like bakery employees, waitresses and gas station cashiers, and they’re spending as much as they can on remittances and trips. The whole thing is a huge racket that runs on emotional blackmail, meaning it’s an absolutely perfect Castronoid operation. Also, I suspect there’s an element of competition and virtue signaling involved. We can condemn it till we’re blue in the face, but that won’t make a bit difference. These people are definitely not “those people.”

  2. Needless to say, no one is to pay any undue attention to the female at far right in the top photo, which would of course be sexist, paternalistic and a form of harassment. Just because she’s dressed like a hooker is no reason to look at her as if she were (even if she happens to be drumming up business).

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