Socialist Marx Sister Chica (AOC) commits two sins, gets blasted by PETA and Democratic Party

Wrong dog? Whadda ya mean?

From our Bureau of Unrepentant Socialist Sinners

Ay! Chica, the prima donna of the Marx Sisters got into a heap of trouble this past week for behaving badly.

First, she refused to pay her dues to her own Democractic Party, which she has dragged to the left more intensely than any other politician in Washington.

Then, she committed the unforgivable sin of adopting the wrong kind of dog.

Naturally, like all budding dictators, Chica is unrepentant, claiming that she’s the one who decides what’s right and wrong for herself and everyone else.

And she’s also pandering to her six million Twitter followers, asking their advice on what to name her little French bulldog.

Babalu’s Bureau of Perfect Dog Names has a suggestion: name him Che.

… Or, choose one name from the top gods of your religion, who guide you constantly…After all, the word “dog” is “god” spelled backwards….and going backwards and reversing meanings is the very essence of socialism.

From Hot Air

It’s tough being an attention-seeking freshman lawmaker, as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez is finding out. This week two negative stories about her made headlines.

AOC is feeling the wrath of some of her fellow Democrats in the House of Representatives because she isn’t paying dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. She is doing her own thing, not following traditional party guidelines on fundraising, and that should not be a surprise to anyone. AOC isn’t a team player – just ask Speaker Pelosi.

Sandy from the Bronx is, however, taking the advice of Harry S. Truman. Truman famously said, “You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog.” So, she did. She made an announcement on Instagram (where else?) that she is the proud owner of a French Bulldog. People love puppies so the response was mostly positive. Will she bring the dog to work? That was one of the questions from a supporter.

This little pup is being raised by a socialist, so now it is the people’s pup – “a community pup”. It takes a village, you know. She wants to subject the little dog to town hall meetings. Now that’s cruelty. The puppy looks like a purebred French Bulldog but AOC never claimed as much. She also didn’t specifically say where the dog came from. It didn’t take long for PETA to weigh in. The animal rights organization is not pleased with AOC’s choice. She should have chosen a rescue dog from an animal shelter instead of a purebred dog, they say. This assumes that the dog is a purebred and that it didn’t come from a shelter.

The full letter to AOC didn’t pull any punches. Also, PETA is against crate training and didn’t appreciate AOC talking about the puppy being put in one overnight. They sent along a book to explain their objections to her.

The full letter from PETA goes into detail about the physical consequences of breeding purebred dogs and speaks to the thousands of homeless dogs waiting for homes….

… PETA wants AOC to use her huge presence on social media to promote shelter adoptions. She has 6.1M followers on Twitter and 4.1M followers on Instagram. She could influence a lot of people. PETA does, rightly, say that purebred dogs are found at animal shelters. PETA just assumes hers didn’t come from one.

Now, though, that puppy needs a name. She’s asking for suggestions. 

Whole story HERE

No word yet from Chica’s sisters, Groucha, Harpoona, and Zeppa

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  1. Six million followers. Imagine what she’d have if she didn’t look half-deranged and could pass for intelligent (you know, like Obama). She might as well be Meghan Markle–and I don’t mean that as a compliment. Well, at least she’s fairly upfront, but really, the government of the first country in the world should have FAR higher standards, if only out of self-respect.

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