Venezuelan MP: ‘Cubans are running a spy network in Venezuela’

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Member of Parliament: ‘Cubans are running a spy network in Venezuela’

“Cubans are involved in all aspects of leadership in this dictatorship where there is no separation of powers.” This is how Venezuelan Member of Parliament Carlos Eduardo Berrizbeitia from the Venezuela Project responded to the question of how deeply entrenched the Havana regime is in the halls of power in Venezuela, especially among the military’s leadership.

Berrizbeitia, an MP representing the state of Carabobo in the National Assembly, is actually the second vice-president of that legislative body and a very critical voice denouncing the influence of the Castro regime over Caracas.

In an exclusive conversation with journalist Pedro Corzo at Radio Television Martí, Berrizbeitia emphasized that opposition MPs are under “24-hour surveillance” and he assures Cubans play a major role in that surveillance.

Can you still see the influence of the Cuban regime in the actions of Nicolas Maduro’s government?

Without a doubt. Maduro is a puppet of Castro and the Cuban regime and it’s so obvious that every time he needs advice he jumps over to the island to get it.

Here within the armed forces of Venezuela there are Cubans; in the registries there are Cubans; throughout the entire [national] identification services there are Cubans . . . What has been installed here is a branch office of the Castros, which is what holds him up (Maduro).

They have penetrated the armed forces. There are military officers, Cuban generals, who without a doubt have their situation rooms and are the ones who built the spy network. Those of us who are members of parliament, they follow and harass us relentlessly.

Within the armed forces the persecution is worse because we know there is great discomfort since they’re Venezuelans like the rest of us who are suffering through an economic crisis with salaries that are less than three dollars a month.

This government, the regime, this dictatorship is supported under the tutelage of the Cuban regime, and under the tutelage of some Venezuelan military officers who one day will have to pay for their betrayal of the country, for allowing the communist Cuban military into our armed forces.

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