Socialist Bernie Sanders despised JFK for criticizing Cuba’s murderous communist dictatorship

Bernie Sanders continues to make it difficult for those who like to pretend there is a difference between “Democratic Socialists” and actual communists. In an interview from the 1980s, Sanders told the story how he despised Democrats and felt physically sick listening to JFK criticize Cuba’s brutally oppressive and murderous communist revolution.

Via Buzzfeed:

Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders once said that he was “physically nauseated” by a speech made by President John F. Kennedy when Sanders was a young man, because Kennedy’s “hatred for the Cuban Revolution […] was so strong.”

“Kennedy was young and appealing and ostensibly liberal,” Sanders reminisced in a 1987 interview with The Gadfly, a student newspaper at the University of Vermont. “But I think at that point, seeing through Kennedy, and what liberalism was, was probably a significant step for me to understand that conventional politics or liberalism was not what was relevant.”

Today’s so-called Democratic Socialists hate to be lumped in with murderous communist dictatorships, yet they have a difficult time hiding their admiration for them. While they’ll swear their ideology is nothing like Cuba’s communist dictatorship, they can never bring themselves to ever utter a single word of criticism against those murderous socialist regimes. They want to talk about all the alleged benefits of socialism, but leave out all the horrific proven consequences of that vile ideology.

2 thoughts on “Socialist Bernie Sanders despised JFK for criticizing Cuba’s murderous communist dictatorship”

  1. It’s astonishing how well someone who’s essentially worthless and useless can do in politics. Still, it’s not his fault; it’s the fault of people who’d vote for such a person.

  2. The biggest triviality of it all is the presumption that if it is “democratic” socialism, it is good. More cities, regions, and nations have gone to hell under democracies than I can count – mainly at the hands of socialists.

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