Basic items ‘disappear’ from rural stores in socialist Cuba

Life in socialist Cuba. This is socialism in action.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Basic items ‘disappear’ from stores in rural Cuba

Several basic products have “disappeared” from stores in Camaguey and other locations in eastern Cuba over the last three months, local residents told Radio Martí.

The products missing are considered of “primary necessity,” said Camaguey resident Leidis Tabares, who said among the items “lost” are beans, a “basic” food on a Cuban table.

Also notable is the absence of personal hygiene products such as toilet paper and tooth paste, among other things. When they are available, the crowd of people who show up to buy it makes it look like a “demonstration,” said Tabares.

In May of last year, Cuba’s Ministry of Interior Commerce announced new regulations and price controls for some merchandise experiencing shortages, but these regulations were unable to fix the problem.

The stores that sell in CUC [tourist currency] in Mayari, in the province of Holguin, “are empty,” said activist Confesor Verdecia, who also noted the absence of soap, tooth paste, and shampoo, among other products.

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  1. Not a problem. Let the “diaspora” provide. The government is not responsible, and even if it is, nobody in Cuba expects it to do any better for ordinary people.

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