Cuba’s bankrupt socialist government unable to buy cooking gas, blames U.S.

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From our Annals of Socialist Efficiency Bureau

One by one they vanish, these items essential for survival and a lifestyle above that of marginal subsistence.

Step by step, socialist governments cause a peculiar devolution, erasing centuries of progress, turning civilized human beings into paleolithic cave-dwelling hominids.

Socialism is a great destructive force, and those who impose it on entire nations are a lot like alchemists of old, those mad scientists who keep experimenting without success, convinced that some day they will succeed in achieving the impossible.

Anyone who doubts this need only examine what has happened in Cuba and what is happening in Venezuela.

Of course, Castro, Inc. blames all its failures on the United States, and this time around, as it finds itself unable to purchase gas from other nations, it blames Trump. And, of course, the news media regurgitate this bold lie as a “fact.”


Cuban kitchen, circa 2020

From Granma Ultra-Lite (Associated Press) via Yahoo News:

The Cuban government is warning citizens to prepare for shortages of cooking gas due to Trump administration sanctions on the island.

State media announced Tuesday morning that cylinders of liquid petroleum gas would be scarce for Cubans who buy state-subsidized gas at about 30 cents per cylinder as well as for customers who buy gas at market prices more than 10 times higher.

Many homes in Cuba depend on bottled gas because they are not connected to municipal gas lines. Electric stoves and hotplates are relatively rare and expensive to use due to high electricity prices.

“I’ll have to adapt, use an electric cooking pot and hope that things get better,” said Angela Leon, a 60-year-old housewife. “It’s a great injustice because it’s already hard to put food on the table. I hope the U.S. government is aware that what they’re doing to us is unjustified.”

The government said in an announcement on state media that a Trump administration sanction announced in November against Cuban state energy company Corporación Panamericana had forced the cancellation of planned purchases of liquid petroleum gas.

“Current inventories don’t cover consumption, affecting the sale of subsidized and free-market LPG, which can only be guaranteed for locations that provide basic services to the population,” the announcement read. “The people should adopt measures to save gas and use it efficiently.”

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  1. Ordinary Cubans take this sort of thing as more or less normal, so even if they don’t like it, they accept it. People can “normalize” really shitty living conditions, even if they cannot be justified. Look at Venezuela.

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