How many Cubans will escape socialist Cuba in 2020?

While leftists hail the socialist workers’ paradise created by the Castro dictatorship, Cubans dream of only one thing: escaping.

Roberto Alvarez Quiñones in Diario de Cuba:

How Many Cubans Will Emigrate in 2020?

For political and non-economic reasons, the segment of the population that constitutes the engine driving the world emigrates from Cuba.

In addition to tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, droughts, floods, landslides, wars and lethal epidemics, there is another major misfortune that can hit a country and that has nothing to do with nature or geology: mass emigration for political reasons.

And that is what has happened in Cuba since 1959. Therefore, as year 62 of Castroism gets underway, once again the usual question arises: how many Cubans will emigrate in 2020?

Is it normal for a country to suffer a perennial exodus of its citizens to corners all over the world because in their homeland the doors to progress are closed, and they are denied the right to a better and dignified life?

Can one honestly defend socialism, which denies these universal rights, and forces millions of its nationals to emigrate?

Such is Cuba, due to a pair of Marxist-Leninist brothers who seized power in the middle of the last century, and refused to ever relinquish it. Official Cuban data indicates that from the Crisis de los Balseros (Rafter Crisis) in 1994 until 2015 some 660,000 Cubans emigrated, but experts consider believe that the figure actually ascends to one million people.

That is, the Cuban diaspora currently totals over two million emigrants, meaning that 18% of Cuba’s total population has left it. While the Trump Administration has made it harder to emigrate to the US, the massive departure of Cubans to other countries, and even to the US, continues.

This is, without any doubt, a scourge that plagues Cuban society. As Martí brilliantly observed: “when citizens are forced to leave, it is their rulers who ought to.”

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