On first anniversary of Bogota bombing, Colombia to formally charge ELN terrorists leaders hiding in Cuba

One year after the Marxist Colombian terrorist group ELN set off a car bomb in Bogota killing 22 and injuring scores of others, its fugitive leaders continue holed up in socialist Cuba escaping justice. Despite Colombia’s efforts to extradite the terrorists, the terror-sponsoring Castro dictatorship has refused to turn them over.

Via The City Paper – Bogota:

A year after Bogotá bombing, Attorney General’s Office to charge ELN commanders

As Colombians commemorate the first anniversary of a terrorist attack inside the country’s largest police academy – Escuela de Cadetes General Santander – killing 22 cadets and injuring more than 60, the Attorney General’s Office will present charges on February 28 against the four senior commanders of the National Liberation Army’s (Ejercito de Liberación Nacional) Central Command – COSE – as well as three other members of the guerrilla’s National Directorate.

The ELN claimed responsibility for the car bombing that detonated January 17, minutes before a graduation ceremony, claiming the Academy is a military target that “participates actively in the counter-insurgency war.”  The 3,000-strong Marxist guerilla went on to justify their attack in response to the government’s bombardment in December 2018 of 25 insurgency camps.

In a statement released by the Attorney General’s Office this week, the members of COSE accused of planning and ordering the car bomb are Nicolás Rodríguez Bautista, alias “Gabino,” Israel Ramírez Pineda, alias “Pablo Beltrán,” Eliécer Herlinton Chamorro Acosta, alias “Antonio García,” and Gustavo Aníbal Giraldo Quinchía – “Pablito.”


Peace talks between the ELN and the government of former President Juan Manuel Santos were suspended in September 2018 after the guerrilla attacked several police stations along the Colombian coast and bombed oil pipelines. With the new administration of President Iván Duque, the guerrilla has not returned to the negotiating table and remains in Cuba. Within days of the Academy’s bombing, Duque requested Cuba to hand over the negotiators warning that Colombia would hold both the island nation and Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro “accountable” for sheltering terrorists. Interpol has reactivated its Red Alert arrest orders against ELN’s commanders.

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