Democrats attempting to erase in Florida their decades-long history of defending socialist dictatorships

For decades the Democrat Party has done little to hide its affinity for socialism and socialist dictatorships from Florida’s Cuban American voters. Now they want us all to forget it ever happened.

From congressional delegations visiting socialist Cuba to schmooze with the Castro dictatorship to brazenly lobbying on Capitol Hill for the interests of murderous communist regimes, Democrats have clearly shown their ideological preference. Even today, prominent Democrats like Bernie Sanders, AOC, and the rest of the “Squad” make no effort to hide their fondness for socialism and in fact openly embrace the failed and deadly ideology.

In the past, Democrats never truly depended on the Cuban American vote and made little effort to assuage or court “those people” in South Florida. Moreover, they displayed their bigotry in plain view, publicly lamenting Cuban Americans using their vote to sway national elections.

But now that President Trump has effectively exposed and tagged them with their socialist sympathies on a national level and the road to the White House must include Florida, Democrats want Cuban Americans and other Hispanics in the state who fled socialism to forget about all those decades they coddled and defended socialist dictatorships.

Via Bloomberg News:

Democrats seeking to counter President Donald Trump’s use of “socialism” as a slur can look to a yearlong effort to fight back now underway in Florida.

Trump frequently attacks Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as socialists in the mold of progressives in Congress like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who are pushing the party to adopt far-left policies.

This attack has particular resonance among Hispanic voters, particularly those from socialist countries. Democrats were stung by a narrow loss in a gubernatorial race in 2018 that featured similar accusations, and Florida Democrats are looking to blunt those attacks in the crucial 2020 swing state. The party is reaching out to voters whose negative experiences with governments in Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba have heightened their concerns about socialism and made them receptive to Trump’s criticisms.

Over the past year, the state Democratic Party has hired a Latino outreach director, launched a Spanish-language radio show and trained surrogates to make their case on Univision, Telemundo and local TV and radio. It’s also seeking to register more Latino voters as part of a $2.8 million effort on voter registration.

Roughly one in six registered voters in Florida is Hispanic, according to the Pew Research Center. Exit polls showed that Cuban Americans, who make up roughly a third of Florida Hispanics, were about twice as likely to vote for Trump in 2016 as non-Cuban Hispanics.

Democrats nationally fear that the attack is effective enough to peel off votes from other Latin American immigrants in 2020.

This is something the Democrat Party should have thought of and dealt with years ago, but apparently were too busy dirty dancing with Latin America’s socialist devils.

2 thoughts on “Democrats attempting to erase in Florida their decades-long history of defending socialist dictatorships”

  1. Even apart from the socialism issue, no Cuban should ever support a Democrat given that party’s abysmal track record concerning Cuba. There is no way Dems can ever make it up to us, not least because at most they’d be faking it. It is indisputably infra dig for a Cuban to vote Dem, even if he doesn’t vote Republican. The very worst are not the likes of Sanders and Wilhelm (aka de Blasio), who could hardly be more obvious, but rather the likes of Shalala and other Florida Dems, who will say what “those people” want to hear purely to get their votes. It’s far too late in the game for any Cuban to fall for Dem BS–doing so is disgraceful.

    Mind you, I’m not saying Republicans are even remotely trigo limpio, but in politics it’s always about better vs. worse, as well as what the available choices actually are, as opposed to what we’d like them to be.

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