Communist party holds fake elections in Cuba

Fake “elections” is exactly what you should expect from a socialist dictatorship ruled by a fake “general” who’s been peddling fake “change” and fake “reforms” for years.

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Fake elections in Cuba

Fraudulent change in Cuba, the latest example

Yesterday, this blog revealed that the last free election held in Cuba was in 1950. Today we translate the tweet from independent journalist and blogger Yoani Sanchez who briefly reports on yesterday’s vote as follows:

#Cuba Without the possibility of choosing between one candidate and another, without announcing the names previously, without campaign proposals, without a program for future action, without access to the accredited press … so were the “votes” for governors in this island…


The so-called election of provincial governors and vice-governors was a fake election and Cubans are tired of these fraudulent exercises that are now in their 61st year.

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  1. Practically nobody cares. They never have. Sure, it’s been the same forever, but again, why would they care now when they haven’t for over 60 years? And they can tell you why, too: “free” health care and education, official “solidarity” with every fashionable leftist cause, Mandela, anti-Americanism, properly Latrine status, screwing “those people,” and so on and so forth. Move along.

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