Cuban independent journalist interrogated by State Security, receives warning

Just another day in socialist Cuba where independent journalists are interrogated by State Security and warned to watch their steps. Meanwhile, the U.S. press continues ignoring the socialist Castro dictatorship’s attacks on Cuba’s independent journalists, since they’re too busy with their histrionics over Trump tweeting something mean about them.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

‘We’re not going to allow,’ agents warn blogger Regina Coyula during an interrogation

Historian and independent journalist Regina Coyula was interrogated on Saturday at the police station on Zapata and C in Vedado.

The author of “La Mala Letra” blog, which has received seven awards, said that now there are “new faces, very young men” who introduced themselves as being in charge of monitoring her “activities,” but they didn’t seem to know very much about her.

“They knew almost nothing about me; I don’t know if they didn’t have time to read my file before the interrogation,” said the historian in a conversation with Radio Martí reporter Yolanda Huerga.

The agents asked questions about microbiologist Oscar Casanella, journalist Ileana Hernandez, and independent artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, three Cubans she knows, but only as acquaintances, she said.

They didn’t threaten her directly, but they did use the phrase “we’re not going to allow,” she stated.

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  1. Her hair coloring is deviant and subversive. She needs rehabilitation. Just like males with long hair or funky attire in the 1960s, who could be seized and sent to UMAP labor camps to be “straightened out.”

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