WaPo puts ultra-positive spin on Cuban slave doctor scam, disguises editorial as a news story

Rachelle Krygier, agent of the Ministry of Truth

From our Bureau of Journalistic Malfeasance

Once again, as usual, a major American newspaper –El Guasintonpó — has spewed propaganda favorable to the repressive Castro regime, masked as objective reporting.

The issue is Cuban slave doctors. The author, Rachelle Krygier, has two points to make:

  1. The Cuban slave doctor program is a wonderful humanitarian venture;
  2. The cruel and heartless U.S., led by arch-demon Donald Trump, is trying to destroy this marvelous program, hellbent as it is on making poor people suffer in the third world.

And, oh, that dastardly Trump is trying to rob Cuba of one of its main sources of income. And in the process, he is bullying noble savages south of the border and also ruining the advance of social justice in Latrine America.

Such a fiend, that Trump homunculus….(isn’t it glorious to see him impeached?)

The spin is dizzying….

Not one word about the fact that these doctors are de facto slaves, and that their salaries are siphoned off by Castro, Inc., and not one word about the proven fact that many of them are agents of the repressive Castro regime simply masquerading as medical personnel.  

In fact, testimony from doctors who have complained about their abuse is dismissed as mere hearsay….”they say this…. but….look how wonderful the program really is….”

From our dear friends at El Guasintonpó:

The U.S. is pushing Latin American allies to send their Cuban doctors packing — and several have

From the earliest days of the revolution, Cuba has been sending doctors to treat the poor people of the developing world — a key source of income and influence for the communist island long isolated by a U.S. embargo.

Now the Trump administration is targeting the government’s signature medical brigades, urging U.S. allies to cancel their health cooperation agreements and send their Cuban doctors packing.

At least four Latin American countries have done so — another blow to the island as it struggles under tightening U.S. sanctions.

“The U.S. government’s crusade against Cuba’s international medical cooperation is an insult,” Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez tweeted in December. Officials said the program had provided hundreds of thousands of surgeries and training sessions to the countries that canceled, and called the U.S. effort “a disgraceful and criminal act against peoples in need of medical assistance.”

The program, which has sent 400,000 doctors to 164 countries since 1960, has always been controversial. Host governments pay the Cuban government; doctors have said they are paid little and are forced to leave their families behind in Cuba so they don’t defect.

But medical diplomacy has helped Cuba gain votes in the United Nations from beneficiaries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East, and it has been one of the government’s largest sources of revenue — $6.3 billion in 2018, more than 6 percent of reported gross domestic product.

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King of Bullies, evil incarnate….

4 thoughts on “WaPo puts ultra-positive spin on Cuban slave doctor scam, disguises editorial as a news story”

  1. Funny, but she reminds me of Ana Belén Montes. Imagine that. Anyhow, the real point is the same as always: the usual suspects, regardless of background or nationality, supposedly know and get Cuba far better than “those people.” This shit is very, VERY old, but the presumptuousness, not to mention the hijeputez, is as impressive as ever.

  2. It appears Krygier is–get this–Venezuelan. Can you say cognitive dissonance? If that’s too difficult, there are other options, but they’re considerably less polite.

  3. The more I think about this, the more it reeks. If anybody should be exquisitely sensitive to Cuba’s role in Venezuela’s meltdown is a WaPo reporter covering Venezuela, even one who’s not Venezuelan, let alone one who is. The math does itself, and what the numbers add up to is definitely not pretty.

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