Cruelest joke of the month: Havana awarded prize in Spain

From our Bizarro World Bureau

At a tourism fair in Spain last week, the Spanish government awarded Castro, Inc. its “Premio Excelencia” — Prize for Excellence — for having done so much more for Havana than any other country on earth has done for any of its cities ( “por haber hecho mucho más por su ciudad”).

Marti Noticias asked some stunned Habaneros for their response to this award.

You can read their responses to this cruel joke HERE (in Spanish)

1 thought on “Cruelest joke of the month: Havana awarded prize in Spain”

  1. And this is what we get fro Spain–SPAIN, our putative mother, with the emphasis on puta. How can we possibly expect better from other countries? But it’s nothing personal, just business, since the idea is to encourage more tourism to Cuba–the former pearl of the Antilles, so trampled by swine (both foreign and domestic) that it has lost all its luster. Lord, the disgust.

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