Mother of cancer-stricken Cuban dissident threatened with imprisonment by State Security agents

Cristian Pérez Carmenate now

From our Bureau of the New Improved Warm and Fuzzy Kinder and Gentler Cuba

This is what can happen to anyone in Castrogonia who dares to challenge the Castro dynasty’s authority.

First you get arrested and severely injured when State Security agents beat the hell out of you.

Then you rot in a prison cell with all sorts of serious injuries.

Then you’re denied medical attention.

Then, finally, when it becomes obvious that you’re close to death, State Security sends you to one of Cuba’s abysmally awful hospitals and they make a lame attempt to patch you up.

Then they take you back to prison and throw you back into your totally unsanitary cell.

Then your health keeps deteriorating –with no medical care — and eventually you develop cancer, perhaps as a result of substances injected into you by State Security.

Then you get sent home to die, without medical care, and State Security surrounds your house so no one can visit you or offer assistance.

Then your mother dares to complain and to suggest that your cancer was most probably caused by State Security.

Finally, your mother gets dragged away by State Security and threatened with imprisonment for complaining.

So it goes. This is Castrogonia. Welcome to Hell. .

Cristian Pérez Carmenate before his arrest

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Yolanda Carmenate, mother of the activist of the Patriotic Union of Cuba Cristian Pérez Carmenate, who suffers from cancer in his lower extremities and is under extrapenal leave, was interrogated and threatened with imprisonment on Tuesday by State Security agents.

An officer calling himself “El Árabe” took Carmenate to the Third Police Unit in Las Tunas. “There I was interrogated and threatened with imprisonment if I continued saying that they intentionally injected my son with cancer-causing substances.”

During the interrogation, Carmenate reaffirmed to the officers that she holds the political police responsible for her son’s illness, as he told Radio Martí.

“They are trying to evade responsibility and to make me afraid of accusing them and telling the truth,” she said.

The woman also denounced the blockade placed around her house by State Security, which prevents anyone from visiting and extending help to her son.

“They keep a constant watch on my house through the political police, and through neighbors, and workers in the bakery and in the bodega across the street from me. They’re intentionally preventing him from receiving resources or money or medicines so that he can die more quickly, because they are certainly not providing him with the assistance he needs, ” Carmenate said in anguish.

On August 12, 2019, Pérez Carmenate was savagely beaten by police during an arrest in Las Tunas, causing him several injuries. The opponent spent 40 days in prison without receiving medical attention and after being operated in the Hospital Surgical Clinic. He was sent back to the Plan Confianza prison, until the authorities granted him an extrapenal license on November 1