Surprise! Cubans in charge of brutal tortures in Venezuela’s socialist prisons

One of the many Castronoid forms of torture, as described by Venezuelans

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This is no surprise, of course, and nothing new. Reports of Cuban torturers in Venezuela have been surfacing for years.

But this week, the Spanish newspaper ABC has published a long article that details how Cuban agents have directed, performed, and intensified the systematic use of horrific tortures in Venezuela.

The methods of torture are the same as those employed by the Castro regime in Cuba. The difference now is that instead of torturing fellow Cubans, these agents of Castrogonia are torturing Venezuelans.

This information has been gathered by the Casla Institute, which has released a chilling report.

Curiously, the Casla Institute report is inaccessible today. Click the first link above and you will see the report listed on the Institute web site. Click the second link above (or the one on the Institute web site) and see for yourself how the 2019 report fails to show up on your screen.

Gee, Mildred, how mysterious! Who do you think might be responsible for the sudden disappearance of this report from the Casla web site?

ABC has also recently published another article on Cuban torturers in Venezuela, with a Casla Institute video of first-person testimonies from Venezuelans who have survived You can access that article and the video HERE.

A small detail in these reports is very revealing. The Cuban torturers in Venezuela are called “isleños” (islanders) rather than “Cubans.” This seems to be a clear sign of the fact that the repressors working for the Maduro regime view themselves as sharing a common national identity with Cubans and also view Venezuela and Cuba as a single entity. The only difference between themselves and Cubans –so it seems — is that they are merely separated by the Caribbean Sea, much like Hawaii and the U.S. mainland are separated by the Pacific Ocean.

From ABC Spain:

Cuban interference in Venezuela has intensified in the last two years the methods of torture used by the Nicolás Maduro regime in the systematic repression of dissent, incorporating “innovations” that increase the suffering of victims, according to the latest annual report from the Casla Institute, presented this Friday in Madrid by the director of this organization, Tamara Suju, and the former Beatrix Becerra.

The drilling of nails on hands and feet to pass the cables of electric shocks, the systematic use of plastic bags to suffocate the tortured, hanging with cranes without touching the ground during interrogations, injuries to the genitals when exercising sexual violence or poisoning with unknown psychotropic substances are some examples of the cruelty that has introduced the presence of the so-called “islanders” in the dome of the repressive apparatus, according to the document of the said organization, based in Prague, which promotes the Democracy and the rule of law…

…The organization warns in its report of “the importance of the Cuban presence in the induction and repression that the Venezuelan regime has against the entire population”, based on testimonies of former intelligence officials and deserters, as well as military and civilians who have indicated how the regime of the island participates in the induction of repression.

The head that “organizes, controls and knows everything about who they are, how many arrive, what they do and how they participate” is the Cuban ambassador to Venezuela, explains the study, which emphasizes: “Nothing happens without your knowledge.” «Cubans constantly instruct FANB members and intelligence in repression, intimidation and follow-up techniques so that they can carry out research and spy on their own partners and their families, political and social leaders, and directly follow up on social unrest, ”he continues. In addition, these Cuban intelligence tasks are carried out “with full knowledge” of the Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino; the Strategic Operational Command (Ceofanb) by Remigio Ceballos, and Dgcim itself.

Moreover, it details that the G2 (Cuban intelligence) and Gruce (Cuban Strategic Group) would be directly involved in torture in Venezuela. The “islanders,” as the Venezuelan military and officials themselves call them, would have their own operating room in the military facilities known as Fuerte Tiuna, in Caracas. Likewise, Cubans accredited with Dgcim credentials “give orders to Venezuelan generals and train intelligence officials, who join hundreds of people across the country, and are known as” The Accredited “or parallel Dgcim,” says the report.

Read the whole article HERE, in Spanish

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