Corrupt businessman tied to Maduro claims to have financed Juan Guaido and the opposition in Venezuela

You can plainly see the hand of Cuba’s Castro dictatorship in a lot of the destruction taking place in Venezuela. But the corrupt Castro regime also does extensive work behind the scenes. Infiltrating and secretly financing an “opposition” is a strategy straight out of the Cuban dictatorship’s playbook. It has worked for them in Cuba and it appears to be working for them in socialist Venezuela.

Sabrina Martin reports in PanAm Post:

Businessman With Ties to Maduro Said to Bankroll Venezuelan Opposition

Alejandro Betancourt, a Venezuelan bolichico, who is allegedly involved in major corruption and embezzlement scandals, is being presented as one of those in charge of “financing the opposition in Venezuela.”

A report published by Reuters revealed that Rudolph Giuliani, the personal lawyer of U.S. President Donald Trump, had met the father of interim President Juan Guaidó, thanks to his client, Venezuelan tycoon Alejandro Betancourt.

According to Reuters, the meeting took place last August on a private estate in Spain. The aim was to seek judicial “clemency” in the United States for the bolichico, who is trying to escape from corruption trials in Venezuela by attempting to demonstrate his “close links” with opposition representatives.

According to the news agency’s sources, Betancourt allegedly told Giuliani that he helped “finance Guaidó’s efforts secretly” to become the leader in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan businessman under investigation in the United States hoped that this action would allow Giuliani, who is also his lawyer, to convince the U.S. Justice Department to “abandon the investigation” against him.

According to Reuters, the meeting apparently took place at Betancourt’s estate, where both Giuliani and the father of Venezuela’s interim president, Juan Guaidó, reportedly met.

Trump’s lawyer then allegedly tried to convince U.S. prosecutors that Betancourt had assisted the Venezuelan opposition and was, therefore, “doing a good job.”

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