Cuba to send more slave doctors to Zimbabwe

Slave doctors on their way to foreign plantations

From our Bureau of Castronoid African Hijinks

Despite many recent setbacks in its human trafficking racket — particularly in Brazil and Bolivia– Castro, Inc. plans to send more of its slave doctors to the African nation of Zimbabwe.

News outlets in Zimbabwe are praising this development, as one might expect.

Castrogonia has had very close relations with the African nation, especially during the brutal dictatorship of Robert Mugabe (1980-2017).

So it goes… No amount of exposure anywhere seems to bring an end to Castro, Inc.’s slave doctor racket.

Best Friends Forever: Fifo and Mugabe

From Bulawayo 24 News

CUBAN Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Carmelina Ramirez Rodriguez has said Cuba is likely to increase the number of doctors serving in Zimbabwe in the near future. Cuba currently has 36 doctors operating in Zimbabwe under a government-to-government arrangement.

Ambassador Rodriguez said this while briefing journalists after meeting Acting President Kembo Mohadi at his Munhumutapa offices yesterday.

She said Harare and Havana enjoyed deep-rooted relations which dated back to Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle.

“Our relations date back to the 1970s when the liberation movement was training. We were talking about how to increase cooperation. We have cooperation in health and in education at the Bindura University of Science Education. We have some professors there and also our doctors are all around the country. Currently we have 36 doctors,” said Ambassador Rodriguez.

Asked if there was a likelihood that Cuba could increase the number of its doctors in Zimbabwe, she said: “Of course, we have doctors everywhere in Africa, so we can see that our cooperation in health is very important to help Zimbabwe and support the people of this beautiful country.”

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Castronoid Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Carmelina Ramirez Rodriguez in her embassy office

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  1. Maybe Mugabe, who should certainly have been able to recognize dictatorial BS when he saw it, knew that Fidel’s “solidarity” with Africa was fake and opportunistic, but maybe he (like Mandela) was stupid enough to buy it at face value. Be that as it may, to Fidel any and all African connections were simply useful tools, and the more useful, the less he would have respected the tool being used.

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