Cuban and Venezuelan nationals caught in Chile coordinating violent protests to dismantle democracy

The violent protests in Chile over the past few months are far from homegrown. Instead, the socialists attempting to destroy democracy in Chile are getting help from the corrupt socialist dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Chilean parliament sounds the alarm over Cubans and Venezuelans participating in the destabilization of the country

Chilean Member of Parliament Luis Pardo Sainz, who belongs to the National Renovation party, said in an exclusive interview with Radio TV Martí that in Chile, foreign nationals have been arrested for participating in protests that have racked the country the past three months.

Pardo affirmed it is evident Cubans and Venezuelans are participating in the destabilization of democracy in Chile and all Latin America.

After three months of violent protests and acts of vandalism in the streets, MP Pardo emphasized that the demands for social reform called for by civil society are legitimate and that the national government, along with congress and state institutions, are all working to address the desires of the population.

Pardo pointed out that since October 18, 2019, 200 foreign nationals have been arrested during the protests. While the leaders or organizations behind the violent acts have not been arrested, there is well-founded suspicions that there are Cuban and Venezuelan elements coordinating and advising on these violent acts. He added that [these individuals] know the weaknesses of Chile.

MP Pardo also commented that he has observed, as the “modus operandi,” elements that mobilize on bicycles and motorcycles and coordinate the “violent protestors” but don’t (directly) carry out those violent acts. For this reason, he opines, according to Chilean law, it is very difficult to establish a link between the coordination and the violent acts.

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2 thoughts on “Cuban and Venezuelan nationals caught in Chile coordinating violent protests to dismantle democracy”

  1. If Chileans screw up a very good thing, which they owe to Pinochet, they will prove themselves undeserving of being saved from communism and deserving of what Allende and Fidel Castro sought for them.

  2. Like pre-socialist Cuba itself, Chile seems to be doing too well under capitalism for the tolerance of a fraudulent left that has been a total pestilence for the region. The better Chile does, the more they will hate it and advocate for the need of “equality”.

    Not that USA’s own left isn’t acting the same way regarding to domestic matters…

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