AP laments ‘intolerance’ of Cuban exile community, ignores intolerance of socialist Castro dictatorship

The Associated Press is very concerned the Cuban American community in South Florida has become culturally intolerant, yet makes no mention whatsoever of decades of ongoing cultural intolerance by the socialist Castro dictatorship.

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

A Question of Tolerance: The Arts in Cuba and in Miami viewed by a anti-Castro hardliner

“Liberty is the right of every man to be honest, to think and to speak without hypocrisy.” – José Julián Martí Pérez

The regime in Havana has zero tolerance for artists who criticize the Castro dictatorship. Celia Cruz, Olga Guillot and others were not only not able to play in Cuba, but there music was and continues to banned from the airwaves, despite the artists having died years ago.

Therefore it is the height of irony that  the Associated Press’s Gisela Salomon writing an article titled “Miami sees a return to Cold War cultural hard line on Cuba”  cited the tweet of the Ambassador to the Castro dictatorship, “Cultural terrorism? Miami politicians ask for Cuban artists to be excluded from a local concert” and failed to provide any context. Not to mention that the “cultural hard line” in Cuba has never lessened and is a zero tolerance policy. If excluding a Cuban artist from a local concert is “cultural terrorism” than what does one call removing all the works of an artist from their country of origin, banning their works from the national airwaves, and barring them from returning to their own country? This was done to Celia Cruz and many other artists, and has been described as “cultural genocide.”

Salomon’s article provides differing points of view from the Cuban Exile community on whether or not pro-communist, pro-regime artists should be able to play in Miami.  This is what one would expect in a free society: a diversity of opinions.

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  1. Right. Because the AP is what Cubans need to figure out how to think and act. Maybe somebody should explain to the AP that there’s a BIG difference between Cubans and Cubanoids. This shit is like Pope Bergoglio telling me how I need to think and live my life. Lord, the contempt.

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