Canadian who moved to Cuba is murdered

Murder victim and murder suspect in happier days

From our Bureau of Ultimate Canadian Nightmares in Cuba with some assistance from our Bureau of Canadian Psychological Disorders and our Bureau of Hot-Tempered Young Cuban Boyfriends

The corpse of a Canadian woman who fell in love with a much younger Cuban man and moved to the Caribbean hellhole has been found stuffed into a suitcase in a garbage dump near Varadero, the communist island’s capital of apartheid tourism.

This is no ordinary ruined “dream holiday”, the likes of which constantly appear in Canadian and British newspapers, but the ultimate horror story involving foreigners in Cuba.

And it may also be emblematic of the weird irrational love that Canadians tend to feel for Cuba, a love that blinds them to the awful reality of the place.

In this case, a love-struck middle-aged Canadian mother-of-two sold her house in Montreal and moved to Cuba in order to be with her younger sweetheart. How any sane person could decide to exchange life in Canada for life in Hell is beyond comprehension, but love does make people crazy sometimes.

Murder victim

The woman’s lover is under arrest, suspected of having killed her. Maybe he was hoping she’d take him to Canada, and killed her in a fit of anger when she showed up in Cuba saying she was there to stay.

It’s certainly a motive for murder, and you don’t have to be a detective to figure that out. You just have to be Cuban.

Prime suspect

From the one and only Daily Mail

A 52-year-old Canadian woman who sold her house to start a new life in Cuba with her musician boyfriend who is 13 years her junior has been found dead in a suitcase in a garbage tip.

Nathalie Fraser, who originally came from the Canadian city of Montreal, was reported missing on January 18, according to her relatives.

She had moved to Cuba in December last year where she lived with her boyfriend, identified as 39-year-old musician Leonel Leon Nuviola, in the western Cuban province of Matanzas.

According to local media, her body was found in a travel suitcase dumped in a garbage tip and her Cuban boyfriend has been arrested in connection with her death.

Fraser was found in Matanzas, not far from the holiday hotspot of Varadero, which is popular with many Western tourists.

Fraser’s sister told local media: ‘We learned it was a violent murder, that she suffered a lot. Her body was found inside a suitcase on a garbage site.’

Melanie Fraser, the victim’s daughter, said on a Canadian radio station that the couple appeared were very much in love.

She added: ‘She put her house up for sale and left with almost nothing to live there with him, with the eventual goal of getting married.’…

…Family members also complained about the lack of information from the Cuban authorities regarding the case.

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  1. Alas, this sort of pathetic self-delusion is all too common, and obviously Canadians are not especially sharp people to begin with. The same scenario, in principle, has happened before and will happen again.

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