Do the Democrats really want to nominate a communist?

A few days ago, President Trump called Bernie Sanders a “communist.” Some of my friends said that the President was overreaching. Maybe so, but it’s hard to argue with President Trump when we see what Sanders said in the past about Latin America.     

Check out the Washington Post:  

Another potential area of vulnerability concerns Sanders’s relationship with socialist governments in Latin America. 

In 1985, Sanders, as mayor of Burlington, traveled to Nicaragua to meet with then-President Daniel Ortega, the leader of the Sandinista movement, which was aligned with the Soviet-backed Cuban regime of Fidel Castro. The Sandinista government was accused of widespread human rights abuses. The Reagan administration supported the contras, who were also accused of widespread abuses.

According to a newly revealed document from the archive, when Burlington resident Edward Pike wrote to Sanders in November 1985 to complain about his support for the Ortega regime, 

Sanders responded by defending Ortega’s clampdown on human rights, blaming the United States for funding Ortega’s opposition and comparing Ortega’s actions to the U.S. government’s internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

In 1989, Sanders traveled to Cuba with his wife in hopes of meeting Castro, and came back defending elements of their communist system. 

He has remained consistent, opposing U.S. interventions in Latin America and defending socialist regimes in the region to this day.

How did someone like this even make it to the Democrat Party primaries?  Once upon a time, a man like Sanders would have been given the directions to the Socialist or Communist Party offices.

Well, I guess Sanders can kiss Florida goodbye in November. Too many Cubans and Venezuelans who know that Sanders is full of crap.

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