Havana is collapsing (thanks to socialism)

From our Bureau of Inevitable Outcomes

In the ninth century, as Vikings raided the British Isles, looting, raping, and killing, one prayer became very popular among the natives: “May God save us from the fury of the Norsemen, who lay waste our realms.” (De gente fera Normannica nos libera, Domine, quae nostra vastat.)

In our century, especially here in the U.S., that prayer needs some updating: “May God save us from the policies of the Socialists, who lay waste our realms.”

Take a look at what socialism did to Havana — the real Havana where Cubans live — not the Havana spruced up for tourists, which is no more than the proverbial lipstick on a pig.

And, keep in mind that communists love to call themselves socialists and love to proclaim that all of their brutal and destructive policies are genuine “social justice.”

In truth, socialists and communists are one and the same. And in truth Bernie Sanders and the Marx Sisters are communist.

An excellent essay in The Blaze explains why this is so, and why the Social Democrats of Scandinavia mentioned so often by Bernie are not to be confused with so-called “Democratic Socialists” such as Bernie and the Marx Sisters..

Prompted by the recent collapse of a balcony that killed three Cuban girls, 14 y Medio has put together a horrifying collection of photos from the real Havana.

Here are just a few samples of socialist social justice captured by their cameras.

You can — and should — access all their photos HERE