Venezuelan scandal rocking Spain’s socialist government just won’t go away

At first, Spain’s socialist government thought it could hide its secret conspiracy to help Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship maintain power and evade EU sanctions. They were proven wrong when it was exposed. They then thought they could just brush the scandal away as it if never happened. Once again, they were wrong.

In fact, the scandal surrounding the Spanish socialists aiding and abetting Venezuela’s murderous and criminal socialist dictatorship is not going away any time soon.

Jorge Gonzalez-Gallarza reports in PanAm Post:

We had a deal

A scandal of this sort should suffice to topple a supposedly pro-Guaidó government, but Pedro Sánchez insists Delcygate is mere conspiracy

Delcygate is far from over.

It was scandalous enough for Spain to let an EU-sanctioned narcocriminal land on its tarmacs—not to mention secretly dispatching a top official to meet with her and then brazenly lying to keep under wraps the whole affair. But just as the dust seemed to settle from José Luis Ábalos’ sequence of lies and cover-ups about his infamous meeting with Delcy Rodríguez, new evidence has arisen that may confirm fears of Maduro’s friendly dealings with Spain’s leftist government.

The truth, as some would have it, always finds its way out into the open.

Leading Spanish daily ABC went to press Wednesday night with reports that Rodríguez spoke on the phone with PM Pedro Sánchez himself, as she lobbied her hosts in the early hours of January 20th to let her set foot at Barajas airport. This latest scoop comes from sources inside both Rodríguez’s inner circle and Venezuela’s opposition, which renders it far more credible than any of Ábalos’ multiple versions of what happened, successively crafted in response to newly-surfaced evidence.

The PM’s press bureau wasted no time in firmly denying the call took place but has supplied no evidence to contradict ABC’s reporting. The press release looks every bit like any of Ábalos’ multiple cover-ups. This time, the truth lurking beneath has every chance of undermining not one Minister, but the entire Spanish government.

Make no mistake: the call in itself is a diplomatic and political outrage, even leaving aside its content. The PM’s every contact with foreign leaders routinely undergoes a thorough vetting process handled by professional diplomats. Not when you’re dealing with Maduro’s criminal clique, apparently.

Pedro Sánchez’s likely next step will be to concede that the call happened—phone records are hard to erase. But he will dig in to frame it as a last resort to dissuade a stubbornly insisting Rodríguez from leaving her plane—she eventually did—, claiming Ábalos reluctantly agreed to let her vent to his boss directly. ABC explicitly reports that the call was placed from Ábalos’ phone.

But this time, the suspicion sowed by ABC’s reporting of the call will make it a much harder cover-up for the government.

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  1. Both parties to this tawdry, dirty, vulgar mess deserve each other. Spain is simply a disgrace. As for the Delcy creature, you’d better believe she has mucho millions stashed abroad–she’s the true face of chavismo.

    And by the way, when you look even worse than Cretina Kirchner, you really should not be a public figure, even in Venezuela. True, Nicaragua’s Murillo witch is worse, but she’s practically an alien life form. There’s Latrine, and then there’s too Latrine.

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