Bolivia’s ousted president Evo Morales arrives in socialist Cuba for ‘medical treatment’

Socialist and wannabe dictator Evo Morales has been roaming Latin America in exile since he was kicked out of Bolivia for massive election fraud. In exile, he has done little to hide his machinations to take back power in Bolivia through violence and armed militias.

For more than six decades Cuba’s socialist dictatorship has helped leftist dictators gain, maintain, and/or regain power. Hence the only one who believes socialist Morales is visiting Cuba for medical treatment is the media (via Reuters):

Ousted Bolivian leader Evo Morales has left Argentina, where he fled in November as a political exile, for Cuba for a medical procedure, his spokesman said on Monday.

Morales, a South American socialist icon, left Bolivia after officials there annulled his October election victory following accusations of vote-rigging.

“Ex-president Evo Morales last night took an unscheduled flight to Cuba for health reasons,” his spokesman told Reuters. “He’s expected to return this weekend and will continue with his scheduled agenda.”

Since arriving in Argentina, Morales has campaigned fervently for his Movement for Socialism (MAS) party ahead of an upcoming presidential election in Bolivia on May 3.

It seems that by “campaigned fervently,” Reuters is referring to Morales’ call for armed militias to help him take back power in Bolivia.

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