Cuba’s Ladies in White honor their late founder Laura Pollan on her birthday

Cuba’s Ladies in White paid tribute to their founder Laura Pollan on what would’ve been her 72nd birthday. Pollan died in 2011 under mysterious circumstances.

Via Martí Noticias:

Laura Pollan remembered on the 72nd anniversary of her birth

The Ladies in White and activists from other opposition groups in Cuba paid tribute to Laura Pollan on Thursday on what would have been her 72nd birthday.

Laura Maria Labrada, the daughter of the leader and founder of the Ladies in White opposition group, focused on the life and legacy of the renowned woman who dedicated more than a decade to the fight to free political prisoners.

“Every day my mother is with those who struggle for the liberty of political prisoners and the Cuban people,” said Labrada.

Pollan was born on February 13, 1948 in the city of Yara in the province of Granma. She was a teacher by occupation and became involved in politics after the massive wave of repression in Cuba known as the Black Spring of 2003 when 75 Cuban dissidents were arrested and given long prison sentences, among them her husband Hector Maseda.

From that moment on, she took to the streets in peaceful protests calling for the release of all political prisoners in Cuba. Months later, she founded the all-women group the Ladies in White.

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