Univision: Too much immigration activism

We understand that the Spanish-speaking cable network Univision is for sale. To be fair, companies are sold all of the time and this may be just another example. Markets and audiences change. It’s the way things are. 

Furthermore, I’ve been on Univision Dallas many times and they’ve always treated me well and fairly. I have no complaints. Nevertheless, Univision has 2 problems: 

  1. Young Hispanics are not watching Spanish TV.  I see that in my own world.  My sons born in Texas speak Spanish but they watch English TV.
  2. Univision has become The Jorge Ramos Show. Too much immigration activism. Too much anti-GOP news coverage. 

For example, in 2014 Univision and Hillary Clinton got together for an education message.  Are you kidding me?  Did they offer the same deal to former GOP Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico?  I wrote about this here

So we wish everyone at Univision well.  Let’s hope that the sale works out well for the many who work there. Let’s also hope that new ownership focuses more on news coverage rather than immigration activism. 

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2 thoughts on “Univision: Too much immigration activism”

  1. Univision’s programing is utterly mediocre (so is most, if not all, of the Mexican media Univision relies on). Yet, they have survived by focusing on the millions of Mexican ignoramuses who reside in USA without speaking English and, as a result, do not have much option.

    It is then very interesting to see how a channel so focused on solely importing Mexican trash as “Hispanic American” and so disconnected from American culture then tries to be so invested in American politics.

    Granted, their idea of politics revolves around the subject of immigration and they, of course, omit the term “illegal” whenever they talk about ILLEGAL immigration.

    On that note, Jorge Ramos is the typical racially resented Mexican who just can’t stand the idea that outside Mexico he is, in essence, part of a lower strata – the type that in Mexico would be called “un pinche indio”. He then uses this sentiment to manipulate his socially resented compatriots – the product of Mexican society.

    After all the accusatory talk of “racism” by Jorge Ramos, it is worth noting that Mexico is 90% mestizo/indian yet not one person with mestizo or indian features is ever seen on Univision (subsidiary of Mexico’s Televisa) unless they are playing gardener or maid.

    That said, we all know Mexico is more classist, elitist, and racist than the United States and Ramos’ own employer makes it blatantly obvious. But, of course, that is not something Jorge Ramos is payed discuss nor anything he will ever bring up.

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