Univision anchor bashes Florida’s Cubans, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans for rejecting socialist Bernie Sanders

According to Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo, Cubans, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans in Florida who fled actual socialism and today reject Bernie Sanders do so only because they’re all facile dupes easily manipulated by Republicans. This condescension is nothing new for conservative Hispanics. This group is regularly berated and insulted by both non-Hispanic liberals and the Latinx crowd who can’t stand any Hispanic group that thinks for itself.

Giancarlo Sopo has the report in The Blaze:

‘Limousine leftist’ reporter attacks anti-socialist Hispanic voters for not backing Bernie Sanders

If one were to compile a list of the groups most despised by left-wing media personalities, at the very top of it are religious conservatives, followed, in a very close second, by conservative minorities.

Though I was a Democrat for most of my youth, as an American of Cuban heritage, I’m intimately familiar with this bigotry. Cuban-Americans, along with Nicaraguans and Venezuelans, tend to vote more conservative than other Hispanics. Our reason for doing so is understandable: Our families fled socialist dictatorships in Latin America and far-left parties that dubbed themselves “progresistas.”

Rather than respecting this decision, trying to understand it, or using the power of persuasion to change our minds, too often, the go-to method of the left is to disparage, ridicule, and shame conservative minorities into submission.

This tactic was on full display on Sunday afternoon when Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo singled out Florida Hispanics who refuse to support Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

“Maybe the problem is not @BernieSanders, but voters in Florida and how they’ve been manipulated by politicians in Washington who really don’t care about democracy and freedom in Cuba, Nicaragua or Venezuela,” Acevedo replied to a tweet by anti-Trump GOP pundit Ana Navarro-Cardenas, who fretted about the impact that Sanders would have on down-ballot Democrats.

Acevedo’s views on anti-socialist Hispanics are clear: He believes that Cuban, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan Americans are easily manipulated rubes who are routinely duped by conservatives into voting against their own interests. While not a novel accusation, his comments are morally obtuse.

For anyone to say that the issue is not with the fact that Sanders has spent his entire adult life enamored with communist tyrants, but rather that the real “problem” lies with the survivors of those tyrannies, is reprehensible victim-shaming that our culture would not tolerate in any other setting.

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Jorge Bonilla has more coverage of Acevedo’s attack on Florida Hispanics and how he got dragged for it over at News Busters.

3 thoughts on “Univision anchor bashes Florida’s Cubans, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans for rejecting socialist Bernie Sanders”

  1. Acevedo is Mexican. Imagine that. Another nail in that coffin which I buried long, LONG ago.

    Well, I hope he feels, uh, “validated” now. You know, like the granddaughter of Carlos Alberto Montaner, who worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Lord, the disgust.

  2. “…duped by conservatives into voting against their own interests”.

    Really, bud? Said Cubans, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans are generally doing better economically, academically, and politically than Mexicans who continue presenting themselves as staunch Democrats and, as a result, a charity case.

    Mexicans in USA have lower levels of education than the Hispanic population overall. Only 9% of Mexicans ages 25 and older, compared with 13% of all U.S. Hispanics, have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree. On the other hand, 25% of Cubans in USA are college graduates.

    It begs the question, who is truly voting against their own interest and what is the intellectual foundation, if any, for such a statement?

    More so, who are they [Mexicans] to say that the interests Mexicans (an economic immigration) are also, or should also be, those of Cubans, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans (a political immigration)?

  3. This guy wants the “progressive” PC seal of approval, given the reality of rampant and entrenched media political bias and “activism.” In other words, he’s got his career to promote. He may be trying to one-up Jorge Ramos, who would not have gone this far. Hey, gotta stand out and get noticed, you know. Ask the Acosta asshole, not to mention other Cubanoids.

    I know I don’t need to say this, but no Latrine of any kind has ANYTHING to say to Cubans–and that includes far bigger fish than this Don Nadie, such as a certain Bergoglio from Argentina. I mean, go console Julian Castro, but get the hell out of my face.

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