Coño: The multifaceted, all-purpose word so loved by Cubans

Except perhaps among the more puritanical among us, not a day goes by in a life of a Cuban without uttering the word “coño” several times. It is a multifaceted word that can express anger; surprise; happiness; fright; sadness; delight; distress; and almost any other emotion you can think of. It is an archetypal Cuban word we all learned to use and love from the moment we were first taught Spanish.

Andrew Otazo has more on this simple yet complex word at Miami Creation Myth:

The Many Meanings of Coño

As illustrated in “The Art of Cuban Cursing,” Caribbean swearing marks the absolute pinnacle of human profanity. Today, however, we will focus on the Swiss army knife of Spanish obscenity, the T-1000 of casual expletives, the most flexible, versatile swear word in the Hispanic lexicon: “coño.”

Technically, the word refers to a vagina. But lo, dear reader! Lest you think it solely defines a woman’s nether regions. Below you will find a few instances of its countless uses.

Coño (pronounced COH-nio) The most common utterance involves the emphasis placed on the first syllable. Translated loosely as “damn” its applications are infinite. When preceded by “qué,” the phrase transforms into “what the hell.”


Coño man, it sucks that your wife was just three toddlers in a trench coat.

Coño, if the Dolphins don’t win a game this year… they’ll keep being the Dolphins.

Qué coño are you doing with that sheer top? Your tetas are showing.

Coñó (pronounced coh-NIO) The emphasis on the second syllable denotes a stronger reaction more akin to “fuck.” It is usually in response to something unexpected, impressive, or hard to believe, and likely paired with an arched eyebrow or judgmental look.


Coñó, how did you smuggle 13 bags of coke in your butt? I can only do six.

Coñó, that abuela punched a tourist wearing a Che shirt.

Coñó, your leg just fell off and is hopping down the street.

Cooooño (pronounced COOOOOH-nio) An elongated first syllable signifies that things are categorically not OK. Disaster and misfortune are nigh.


Cooooño, Godzilla rampaged through little Havana, but didn’t destroy Marlins Stadium.

Cooooño bro, how could you forget to renew your restaurant’s insurance before burning it down?

Cooooño, I woke up transformed into a giant insect and my dad just pitched an apple into my back.

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