Cuban State Security evicts independent journalist from home, leaves her homeless

Just another wonderful day in socialist Cuba with State Security evicting an independent journalist from her home, forcing her to live on the streets. This is what socialism looks like This is socialism in action.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

‘I’m out on the streets’: State Security evicts CubaNet journalist Camila Acosta

State Security gave the landlords where Camila Acosta resides 48 hours to evict the CubaNet journalist from her home.

Acosta had been renting the residence in Havana for more than two years.

“It is all part of a plot by State Security to intimidate me for the work I do as an independent journalist,” she said.

Furthermore, she says that in the past week she has been interrogated and threatened. They offered her the opportunity to collaborate with them, to infiltrate U.S. intelligence services. “They in fact proposed removing my travel prohibition; I responded with an emphatic no, that I would never support a dictatorship and that I was proud to have the travel prohibition. And here is the response to my refusal to cooperate: eviction. I’m out on the streets.”

Camila has been prohibited from traveling outside the country since last November when the regime blocked her from traveling on two occasions. Since then, she has been intimidated by State Security agents on several occasions, along with family members, and she has been prohibited from leaving her home for several days.

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