Seven reasons Bernie Sanders still loves Fidel Castro

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1. He is a racist. Bernie admires Fidel Castro because he thinks that Cubans are benighted inferior dolts who could not learn to read without the help of a a brutal dictatorship. In other words, Bernie’s comments about Fidel are just another version of the infamous quip “Mussolini wasn’t so bad because he made Italian trains run on time,” a form of praise based on the assumption that the people involved are defective in some way.

2. He is an ignorant racist. Bernie assumes that Cuba must have been a third-world hell-hole before Fidel came along and that literacy rates must have been very low, naturally, since Cubans are dark-skinned noble savages. In other words, Bernie not only doesn’t know what he is talking about –since Cuba had higher literacy rates than many localities in Europe and North America — but his ignorance stems from his view of Cubans as naturally inferior people.

3. He is a racist and ignorant communist. Bernie prefers to overlook the fact that Fidel Castro’s “literacy” campaign was an integral part of his “authoritarian” effort to set up a totalitarian communist education system designed to turn all education into a propaganda-spewing tool of thought control. In other words, Bernie really loves authoritarianism and hates freedom of thought and expression, like every good communist.

4. He is a racist and ignorant communist liar. Despite his professed opposition to the “authoritarian nature of Cuba” Bernie knows damn well that this “authoritarianism” is an essential part of the great “social justice” changes he and his fellow communists always intend to set up wherever they gain control. In other words, Bernie thinks like a communist, talks like a communist, and lies like a communist.

5. He is a racist and ignorant communist liar and a jerk. Face it, anyone who praises any dictator for anything is capable of defending Hitler for building the autobahn and rescuing Germany from economic collapse. In other words, Bernie thinks like a communist, talks like a communist, and lies like a communist, which is the same thing as being a total jerk, and a dangerous one too.

6. He is a racist and ignorant communist liar, a jerk, and a Democrat. The Democratic party in the U.S. is no longer the least bit interested in promoting or sustaining democracy or the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and has veered so far to the authoritarian left of the political spectrum as to become a dangerous menace to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

7. He is a racist and ignorant communist liar, a jerk, a Democrat, and a very old egomaniac. Anyone who runs for president of the most powerful nation on earth at the age of seventy-eight after having a heart attack on the campaign trail – and who would be seventy-nine on inauguration day, if elected – has got to have a colossal ego, on top of all his other flaws.

1 thought on “Seven reasons Bernie Sanders still loves Fidel Castro”

  1. Yes, Sanders is deeply offensive and downright repulsive, but I’d rather have him be this honest than lie like Obama did when he was running for office. Evidently, Mr. BS is such an inveterate communist that he can’t bring himself to renounce Castro completely, not even out of political expediency, although he was so “compromised” already that only an idiot would have believed he’d had a true change of heart.

    Alas, given such potent Castrophilia, among other things, only a tiny fringe element should support his candidacy, and that is not the case—he’s the Dem front runner, despite being fairly frank about what he is. Even if he croaks tomorrow, or doesn’t get the nomination, or gets it but loses to Trump, another “socialist” with better packaging and less blatant baggage will come along with the same siren song, and there IS an audience for that, which is VERY disturbing.

    Lord have mercy.

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