Florida Democrats freaking out over possibility Bernie Sanders will be the party’s presidential nominee

While Bernie Sanders’ Bolshevik shtick may play well in New York City and California, his allegiance to communism and unapologetic support for the Cuban regime and other communist dictatorships is the kiss of death in Florida. Not only would a Sanders presidential ticket be blown out in Florida, down ballot Democrats would be collateral damage. Florida Democrats are well aware of this and have moved beyond panicking to an all out freak out.

Via Politico:

Florida Dems in uproar after Sanders’ Cuba comments

Bernie Sanders says he’s the Democrat best-equipped to defeat Donald Trump in November.

But Florida Democrats insist he‘s the worst-equipped after Sanders’ refusal Sunday night to thoroughly condemn the Cuban revolution. His comments on 60 Minutes sent shock waves through the nation’s biggest battleground state, where Democratic members of Congress, state legislators and party leaders warned that his nomination — and Sanders’ self-described “Democratic socialism” — will cost them the biggest battleground state of them all.

“Donald Trump wins Florida if Bernie is our nominee,” said state Rep. Javier Fernandez, a Democratic candidate in a majority-Hispanic state Senate district.

“If Bernie Sanders is atop the ticket, it’s going to make it tougher for all of us to win in Florida,” said Fernandez, who has endorsed Sanders’ rival Joe Biden. “No one really sees Sanders winning Florida and I don’t think his campaign does either.”

As a state with an influential cross-section of Latinos whose families fled leftist Latin American regimes and violence, Sanders embrace of far-left leaders and his past refusals to wholeheartedly condemn Latin American strongmen and the Soviet Union have long been seen as fatal flaws.

Sanders on Sunday did nothing to allay those concerns in a 60 Minutes interview in which he was asked about his 1985 comments stating that the Cuban people didn’t “rise up in rebellion against Fidel Castro” because “he educated their kids, gave their kids health care, totally transformed society.”

There was no mention of the firing squads, political purges and mass arrests that accompanied the 1959 revolution.

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  1. As noted recently by Humberto Fontova, BS is just the latest example of a Dem politician saying or doing outrageously wrong things regarding Cuba. Yes, that is PC and thus safe, but at least that should absolutely cost all Dems the Cuban vote—and I mean all of it, consistently. Given the appalling Dem track record on Cuba, which is clearly an established pattern, it is utterly disgraceful for a Cuban to vote for any Dem, EVER. I we do not even respect ourselves enough to uphold our dignity, then we do not deserve respect.

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