Miami to sponsor anti-communism concert featuring Cuban American and other artists who fled socialism

South Florida is home to hundreds of thousands victims of communism who have experienced firsthand the misery, oppression, and death caused by socialism. In light of recent remarks by Bernie Sanders praising Cuba’s murderous dictatorship, it’s no surprise that City of Miami officials voted unanimously to sponsor an anti-communism concert scheduled for April.

Via The Daily Wire:

City Of Miami Announces Big Event After Bernie Makes Pro-Communist Remarks

The City of Miami responded to socialist Bernie Sanders’ pro-communist remarks from Sunday night by announcing on Monday that the city is officially sponsoring an anti-communism concert to celebrate freedom.

“Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and Commissioner Joe Carollo don’t agree on much these days, but they were in lockstep Monday in promoting an ‘anti-communist concert’ set for April 11 at the James L. Knight Center downtown,” The Miami Herald reported. “In fact, all of the city’s elected officials agreed: The commission voted 5-0 to co-sponsor the event at the city-owned Knight Center and said the city would waive up to $21,500 in rental costs, broadcasting fees and police and fire services.”

Saurez highlighted Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, saying, “Our city represents the stories of countless individuals who have risked their lives to flee communism. Each and every life that has fled communism has proven how the will to pursue democracy and freedom, even in the face of oppression, can never be suppressed or silenced.”

“Twenty-two artists are scheduled to perform, including legendary Cuban-American trumpet player Arturo Sandoval and singers Willy Chirino and Amaury Gutiérrez,” The Herald added. “Emilio Estefan has also said he plans to attend the concert, though he will not be performing.”The artists all agreed to perform free of charge with proceeds from the event going to cover expenses and all additional money going to non-profits that help political prisoners in Cuba.

During a press conference on Monday, Suarez hammered Sanders over his pro-communist remarks from last night on “60 Minutes”.

“Sadly, even now, we see individuals defend and even promote communism and socialism,” Suarez said. “Just yesterday, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders glorified socialism in a 60 Minutes interview by defending elements of Castro’s regime.”

Suarez continued, “What Senator Sanders conveniently omitted from his colorful characterization of communist Cuba was Castro’s forceful and violent imposition of power, attacking human rights and freedom of speech, thereby minimizing the sacrifice of those who fought to break free from his suffocating hand.”

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