Four independent journalists over four days suffer repression in socialist Cuba

Just another four days of life in glorious socialist Cuba that Bernie Sanders will not talk about other than to praise the Castro dictatorship for teaching these independent journalists how to read and write.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Four independent journalists suffer repression in Cuba in less than a week

The Havana-based Pro-Free Press Association (APLP) denounced in a press release that in less than 98 hours, four independent journalists were targeted for repression by the regime.

On the 17th at the Camaguey terminal, Ricardo Fernandez Izaquirre, who writes for “La Hora de Cuba,” was prevented from boarding a bus to Santiago de Cuba. Furthermore, he was kept under arrest for several hours for no apparent reason.

On Wednesday the 18th in Pinar del Rio, police broke into the home of Yusleidy Romero, the director of the publication “Panorama Pinareño” from the Cuban Institute for Freedom of the Press (ICLEP).

That same day the landlords of the home rented by independent journalist Camila Acosta informed her that she had been evicted and had 48 hours to move out based on orders given by State Security.

Two days later in the evening, Julio Aleaga Pesant was threatened and ordered to appear for an interrogation on Wednesday, February 26.

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