While Bernie Sanders touts socialist Cuba’s ‘literacy programs,’ Cubans suffer misery and brutal repression

Like all Marxists, Bernie Sanders is trained to always defend the totalitarian state, regardless of how brutal or vile it is.

Jordan Allott in the Washington Examiner:

Bernie Sanders praises socialism while Cuba suffers daily

While Democrats such as Bernie Sanders preach the virtues of socialism, remember the wisdom of a respected leader still suffering under it.

Sanders has repeatedly defended his decadeslong admiration for the authoritarian communist regime in Cuba. At the same time, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, human rights leader, and former political prisoner Oscar Elias Biscet was being detained by Cuba’s state security at his home in Havana.

“Sanders claims to be a socialist, but he has not lived socialism,” Biscet told me. “Sanders touts the benefits of the Castro regime, but he does not know or truly understand the repressive and criminal nature of this regime.”

What was Biscet’s crime? According to the paperwork that he sent me, he was fined 500 pesos and detained for over 9 hours for the “illegal reception of objects.” It’s not that Biscet received illegal objects (in this case, a computer and phone), but his crime was receiving the objects illegally — meaning he received a computer and phone without government knowledge.

This experience is nothing new for Biscet. He has been arrested or detained well over 30 times and has spent over 12 years of his life in Cuba’s notoriously violent prison system. Biscet’s sentences have been served in prisons such as Combinado de Este outside Havana and the infamous “Cinco y Medio” prison in Pinar Del Rio, where outside visitors are not allowed, and governmental retribution is levied through physical and psychological torture.

Biscet’s experience last week is also not new for the tens of thousands of Cubans who have been detained and imprisoned for such petty crimes as accessing the internet from a phone, living in Havana without a permit, and entering tourist-only hotels and resorts.

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  1. I deeply resent having to even address what someone like BS says about Fidel, the Castro “revolution,” Cuba or Cubans. The very idea that anyone would take Sanders as any sort of authority on such topics, let alone take his word on any of it over that of Cubans themselves, is deeply insulting, insufferably condescending and completely disrespectful, not to mention absurd. It is demeaning for us to have to argue with such a person, who is unfit to say a single solitary word on the subject, especially to Cubans. Really, it is too much.

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