House GOP looking to force a vote condemning Bernie Sanders for remarks praising Cuba’s socialist dictatorship

U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart is sponsoring an amendment in the House condemning socialist Bernie Sanders for his scandalous praise of Cuba’s murderous dictator Fidel Castro and his brutally repressive regime (via Politico):

House Republicans will try to force a procedural vote on legislation this week condemning Sen. Bernie Sanders’ praise of Fidel Castro’s literacy initiatives, aiming to capitalize on Democratic angst over the presidential frontrunner’s comments.

The GOP plans to offer an amendment on Thursday disapproving of Sanders’ recent interview with “60 minutes,” where the Vermont independent lauded Castro’s literacy programs and argued that it’s “unfair to simply say everything [in Cuba] is bad.” The language is expected to chastise Sanders for ignoring systematic human rights abuses committed by Castro’s communist regime.

The chief sponsor of the proposal is Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.), a Cuban-American and longtime Castro critic whose family fled the regime; his aunt also was Casto’s first wife. Diaz-Balart’s district is home to 335,000 constituents of Cuban descent.

When announcing their plans, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said Democrats have a choice: “Do they stand with Bernie or do they stand for freedom?”

The resolution will force Democrats to go on record either supporting freedom and democracy or supporting the oppressive and murderous Castro dictatorship.

1 thought on “House GOP looking to force a vote condemning Bernie Sanders for remarks praising Cuba’s socialist dictatorship”

  1. I wish Sanders or some other Castro sympathizer would just come out and say it:

    “All this fuss over Fidel is nonsense. Cuba is better off than it would have been without his revolution, or at least it’s much closer to where it belongs. The problem is that those people are putting on airs and trying to pass for what they’re not, as if Cuba were Switzerland. So, get off my back and suck it up.”

    Remember, the best one can expect from an SOB is that he be fully frank about his hijeputez.

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