“People enjoy life in Cuba like in few other places. They’re safe, literate and healthy!” (Bernie Sanders?–NOPE! That was Time magazine)…LE RRRONCA!


(I SWEAR I am not making this up) From Time magazine in 2015.:

“Their country (Cuba) is poor and, without doubt, a security state, but also safe, literate and healthy. People enjoy life in Cuba as in few other places.

But why pick on Time? A couple years ago Time’s historic rival, Newsweek, hailed Cuba as “among the best countries in the world to live, and christened Cubans as “among the world’s luckiest people.”


“Imagine if you will…oh FORGET IT!…I give up!…I only wish I’d been able to fantasize a script to properly convey the zone you Cuban-Americans visit every day when you read or turn on the news…like that Fontova guy always says: LE RRRRRRONCA!!!!”

For the benefit of our many, many friends who live outside the deep moat and tall walls enclosing the tiny Cuban-American informational ghetto and the almost hermetic Miami Spanish-language news bubble: Prior to Castroism–when Cubans were perfectly free to leave Cuba with all their property, family, etc. and got U.S. visas for the asking–all during this period: fewer Cubans lived in the U.S. than Americans in Cuba. Prior to Castroism Cuba was flooded with more immigrants per-capita (primarily from Europe) than was the U.S. Sounds “Twilight Zonish,” I know. But fully documented here.