Canadian diplomat sends hate mail to Cuban who dared to criticize the brutality of the Castro dictatorship in the Washington Post

From our Annals of Leftist Intolerance and Ignorance Bureau, with assistance from our Castrophillic Barking Points Desk

I’ve received numerous positive emails in response to my Washington Post editorial on Bernie Sanders and his willful blindness.

As I expected, I’ve also received a few pieces of hate mail. Happens every time.

As usual, the vitriol spewed by Castrophiles reflects their intolerance, their unwillingness to address issues on an intellectual level, and their ignorance of Cuban history.

One particilar Castrophilliac from Canada sent emails laced with large doses of Castro regime propaganda barking points, as well as insults, both veiled and overt.

The writer describes himself as a former Canadian diplomat. Yet, everything he says comes straight out of the Castro Ministry of Truth.

Here is a snippet of our exchange. I’ve decided to post it because it is very revealing.

Notice how there is no real intellectual engagement on the diplomat’s part. He doesn’t respond to any of the historical facts I bring up about the brutality of Castrogonia or the real history of the Batista regime. Instead, he resorts to insults and keeps harping on the Castronoid barking points — especially blaming everything on American imperialism — as if he were repeating slogans one might hear from any Castronoid mob in an act of repudiation.

Let’s keep this guy’s identity secret, and just call him Fulano.

Castronoid act of repudiation

Fulano: As a former diplomat and an observer of U.S. Cuban interactions for almost 60 years I am disappointed that an academic from a respectable university cannot seem to appreciate that “You can’t separate America’s social policies from its authoritarianism.”

Tres Fotutos: Thanks so much for your message, Fulano..

Alas, yes, somehow a respectable university hired me, despite the fact that I am a loathsome troglodyte and extremely stupid.

But, of course, it’s an American university, so what else could one expect?

No quality control  No, sir.

Sometimes they hire the wrong people, such as stupid Cubans who have had their family members imprisoned, tortured, and murdered by a communist regime and are unable to appreciate the benevolence of the dictatorship that carried out the torturing and murdering.

Oh, by the way, one of those relatives tortured by the Castro regime was a diplomat too, just like you.  The torture broke him completely, and he remained a shell of his former self for the last two decades of his life.

And why was he tortured?  Because one of his sons dared to speak out against the Castro dictatorship.  The authorities naturally assumed his father must be a bad apple too.

And the son was tortured too, naturally, and sentenced to thirty years imprisonment in the Castro gulag.

Ah….  but we were all noble savages anyway….

Many blessings, peace and joy,

Fulano: And the American blessed dictatorship which preceded him was run by an even more efficient killer along with the mafia and American based multinationals who owned Cuba. Try looking at events in their context. You owe your students that.

Tres Fotutos: Oh, yes sir, I’m quite aware of what preceded Castro.

You see, I also had relatives who were tortured and imprisoned by Batista. One of them had his fingernails yanked out.

Yes sir.  But some of those very same relatives who fought against Batista were being tortured by Castro, Inc. only one year later, simply because they wanted elections rather than a dictatorship.

And a very close family friend also tortured by Batista ended up taking part in the Bay of Pigs invasion.  Imagine that!  Good Lord, how could anyone fight against BOTH Batista and Castro?

But, I must correct you on one point sir, Batista killed far fewer Cubans than the Castro brothers.  They made him look like an amateur.

On the other hand, I’m glad to know that the history of Cuba as told through Coppola’s Godfather Part Two has had some influence on folks outside the U.S.

As American comedian Jon Stewart said, “everything I ever learned about Cuba I picked up from Godfather II”…. so all this time I’ve been mistakenly thinking that only Americans were educated through films rather than history books.

So, as you can see, I’m not only stupid, but really, really stupid. 

Mille excuses pour ma stupidité. Je suis vraiment désolé. Merci pour votre patience. More blessings on you and yours, et plus de paix et joie.
And thanks be to God for Francis Ford Coppola!

Fulano: It’s interesting how you ignore the American imperialism which created this entire history. Additionally, your sarcasm might indicate some insecurity. Adios.

Tres Fotutos: No, I’m not insecure in the least, sir.  But I am a bit weary of being insulted constantly every time I try to point out that the Castro regime is a monstrous beast. Pace et bene, as St. Francis of Assisi loved to say.  Pace et bene. Un abrazo cubano…

Castronoid act of repudiation
Sanderistas of the world unite! You have nothing to lose except your minds and souls!

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  1. Amazing, albeit typical and predictable. How such screaming assholes even begin to presume to address Cubans on the matter, let alone “correct” them, is truly worthy of a psychopathology textbook–specifically, the chapter on that extremely common disorder known as hijeputez.

    I love the bit about his being an observer of US-Cuba interactions for almost 60 years–just like Bernie Sanders. Also, when a Canadian accuses you of insecurity, the odds are very high he’s projecting. Besides, while Cubans have many “issues,” insecurity is not one of them (and the usual suspects hate that).

    Really, you can’t make this shit up.

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