2 thoughts on “For some, Elian Gonzalez getting sent back to socialist Cuba at gunpoint wasn’t necessarily ‘a bad thing’”

  1. Yes, Elián may well be the supreme exponent of the Castro “education” system, in whom the nature and true purpose of such education is crystal-clear. The only hitch is that it’s a little too clear, because the system went all out and overshot the mark, so that it wound up with a flagrantly brainwashed robot (not that those responsible for sending Elián back to his “father” even remotely care).

  2. The USA sure served the fraud of Castro with plenty of self-aggrandizing charades. USA being, in many regards, a fraud itself. Yet, this one was perhaps the “enemy’s” most blatant display of camaraderie. Not that anyone should have expected anything different from the morally corrupt Clintons who, sadly for Castro, could not get a round #3.

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