Photos reveal the decrepit and filthy state of hospitals in socialist Cuba

This is what the wonderful universal healthcare system looks like in communist Cuba. The very same healthcare system so highly touted by the likes of Bernie Sanders and his fellow socialists.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

While the Cuban regime continues promoting its “impeccable” health services to the world, the reality of Cuban hospitals horrifies the residents of the island.

When just this week the designated president of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, gave assurances that Cuba was prepared for the possible arrival of the coronavirus COVID-19 to the country, the actual condition of its medical facilities say the complete opposite.

A Facebook user posted images of the interior of the Mario Muñoz Monroy Hospital in Matanzas, where one can observe the deplorable state of the medical center’s bathrooms.

The photographs detail the deterioration of the walls, ceilings, and furniture of the center, with mold stains, filthy toilets, worn-out curtains, and the flooring in bad condition.

Since the bathroom is probably the only place where the photos could be taken without being caught, that is all that was seen. Nevertheless, photos of the hospitals’ exterior shows mold growing on the walls and cracks in the structure.

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