Anti-communist youth in Chile protest in front of Cuban embassy

Via the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance:

“ONE UNIFIED STRUGGLE”: Protest in front of the Castro Embassy in Santiago de Chile

The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance supports the demonstration that took place in front of the Castro Embassy in Chile. Exiled Cuban leaders have defined it as “a beautiful event of democratic solidarity.”

Anti-communist Chilean youth led an assertive protest in front of the Castro Embassy in Chile during the night; they lit candles in memory of the Castro victims in Chile and Cuba and yelled the names of current Cuban political prisoners.

During the protest, attended by more than a dozen activists, the protesters hung a sign from the Embassy’s fence that said “Armando Sosa Fortuny: Present.” The young protesters, moved by the struggle for freedom in Cuba, have highlighted the case of Armando Sosa Fortuny, a Cuban hero who spent 43 years in political prison in Cuba after attempting to help the internal resistance in the Island. Fortuny, who died at 76 years old, did not receive medical assistance or humanitarian parole despite his fragile health and his advanced age. He died on October 29, 2019 in Camaguey, Cuba as a political prisoner.

The young Chileans have founded a new organization under his name: “Acción Solidaria Sosa Fortuny.” During the protest on a main street in Santiago, the protesters also yelled the names of Jose Daniel Ferrer, leader of the opposition organization Union Patriotica de Cuba (UNPACU) in the Island, who was imprisoned in August 2019 by the Castro regime. After a trial full of irregularities, the regime wants to sentence Ferrer to 9 years in political prison.

The activists also called for the freedom of Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, young Cuban artist who was recently arrested by the Castro tyranny because his artistic vision expresses differing views from those of the Castro regime. “A regime that imprisons young intellectuals because they disagree with their policies is a regime that fears its people,” said Lorenzo Prats, one of the protestors.

Activists of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance attended the protest: the diplomat and former political prisoner Luis Zuñiga, from the Cuban Liberty Council, Dr. Orlando Gutierrez Boronat and Rafael Pizano from the Cuban Democratic Directorate.

“This protest, the Sosa Fortuny homage, and the solidarity with the freedom of Jose Daniel Ferrer and Luisma evince that all the struggles for the freedom of Cuba are one unified struggle, Pa’ la Calle,” said Gutierrez Boronat.