United Kingdom announces great cash giveaway bonanza to Castro regime in Cuba

British embassy, Havana

From our Annals of the Ministry of Silly Projects Bureau

Remember the Ministry of Silly Walks on Monty Python’s Flying Circus?

If you do, you’re probably an old geezer, or close to it.

Well, forget silly walks. Having just announced abundant funding for special projects in Cuba, the United Kingdom is now into silly giveaways.

Since Castro, Inc owns everything and has its finger in every pie — no matter how small the pie — this new benevolent programme to fund projects that might improve things in Cuba might as well be called what it is, a direct cash pipeline to the vaults and European bank accounts of the Castro dynasty’s oligarchs.

So, imagine, if you will, a gaggle of Castronoids somewhere in Havana racking their brains, trying to write proposals in the Queen’s English with “detailed budget breakdowns” that promise “tangible objectives and measurable policy outcomes” through “creative industries,” and also offer proof of ” sufficient technical, financial, human and logistical capacity to complete the project.”

Yeah, imagine that, if you can… “psst, oye, Yusnaby, como se dice comemierda en ingles?”

… Well…. If I may say so, Mildred, I find all of this quite ghastly, really. Syphoning off British taxpayers’ Pounds Sterling into the sweaty, greedy palms of benighted savages who will merely pocket or squander it is is a beastly mistake, and worst of all, most unbecoming of a once colossal empire. Tawdry, I dare say, Mildred, absolutely tawdry, and an affront to all who truly care about decorum, common sense, and stiff upper lips…

From one of the many offices of Her Majesty, the Queen:

The British Embassy in Havana invites interested organisations to submit project proposals to be implemented during the British financial year 2020-21 (April 2020 to March 2021) to support cooperation between the United Kingdom and Cuba in priority areas for both countries.

This support is channelled through small-scale project interventions (up to £10,000), but with potential for greater impact. It is important to take into account that the project funds will be allocated depending on their availability and according to high quality activities that deliver good value for money.

British embassy, Havana

Priorities in Cuba

The British Embassy in Havana is interested in financing innovative projects, with tangible objectives and measurable policy outcomes. We remind applicants that it is not possible to finance pure academic research projects.

Proposals should be related to one of the following policy areas:

1 financial and professional services, 2 central banking, 3 global health threats, 4 biotech and life sciences, 5 higher education and English Language teaching, 6 energy (including renewable energy) strategy and technology. 7 public policy, 8 administration and governance, including public procurement, 9 Cuban economic model, 10 challenges and solutions, 11 creative industries. 12 climate change

The Embassy might consider other proposals that do not fully fit into these priority policy areas if related to the general objectives of the Embassy’s work. These will be assessed case by case.

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