Surprise! Nicolas Maduro claims Cuba has found cure for Corona Virus pandemic

Behold the Cuban cure for all ills!

From our Bureau of Really, Really Big Super Colossal Lies That Are Huge Enough To Be Funny

Ha! Ever the fool, ever the servile lackey of Castro, Inc, ever one of the world’s most incompetent liars, Venenozuelan president Nicolas Maduro has announced that Cuba has the cure for the current plague and Venezuelans need not worry about it. Everything will be fine.

As if this were not a big enough lie, then he claimed that Cuba had developed the antiviral drug interferon, which has been in existence since 1957.

Yeah, sure. And they have the cure for cancer too, and a million other diseases.

And they have the most advanced cutting-edge medical-chemical-biological research facilities in the world!

If you don’t believe this, then just remember how well Hugo Chavez fared with his Cuban cancer cure.

From Breitbart

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro claimed in a national broadcast Wednesday that Cuba has the cure for Chinese coronavirus, which the island nation revealed had arrived there on Thursday.

While there is no confirmed cure for the virus and no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Venezuela, Maduro said, “It has not come here … but at any moment it could arrive.”

“Cuba is at the head, at the vanguard — Cuba, always Cuba, is at the vanguard, with interferon, a medicine created with Cuban medical technology,” Maduro said at an event commemorating the National Day of the Doctors and Doctors of the Homeland.

“It is a medicine created in Cuba that has had excellent results in its application in the coronavirus crisis in China,” Maduro continued.

“Cuban interferon is in Venezuela to help patients who might have this issue in the future,” Maduro added. “We need to prepare the country … and also have sufficient medicine to tend to the affected.”

Maduro also allowed Julio César García, the head of Cuban medical mission in Venezuela, to speak.

García also claimed that interferon is an “antiviral that increases the body’s defenses” and was the first “Cuban biotechnology medicine.” However, interferons first appeared in Western scientific research in 1957 and have been part of viral and cancer treatments for decades, in use since at least 1962.

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