Another building collapse in Havana leaves one dead

The disrepair and neglect of buildings in Havana by the socialist Castro dictatorship claimed another life on Wednesday. One man is dead and another was injured when they were trapped in a building that collapsed in Old Havana.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

A building collapse in Old Havana on Wednesday killed one and injured another, Isladaris Benitez confirmed to Radio Television Martí. Benitez lives a few blocks from where the accident occurred on Inquisidor Street between Luz and Acosta in the capital.

“One man is dead and another one is injured. The deceased was a construction worker repairing the roof of the apartment building,” said Benitez

“The building has several units, but the other families there were not injured,” she added.

Furthermore, Estela Galvez, a resident on Acosta street, said that “a man was trapped under the debris” until the firefighters arrived and then, almost a half hour later, an ambulance.

“They pulled him out, but his face was destroyed,” said Galvez

This is life in socialist Cuba where the government owns everything. This is socialism in action.