Italian apartheid tourist with coronavirus exposes the abysmal conditions of Cuba’s socialist healthcare

Luckless Italian tourist Marta Cavallo & Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine

From our Bureau of Dream Apartheid Holidays Gone Wrong with assistance from our Awful Details About Cuban Health Care Desk

One of the Italian tourists who had the doubly bad luck of coming down with the coronavirus flu AND ending up in Cuba has had nothing nice to say about the island slave plantation’s health care.

This apartheid tourist might not know it, but she is in one of the “best” medical facilities in Cuba, the only one with a lab that can test for coronavirus.

If she survives –and we pray she will — wait until she gets the bill for her treatment, given that Cuba’s “free” healthcare is never free for foreigners.

Imagine what her complaints would be if she had been sent to a typical Cuban hospital such as the one below, where 99 percent of Cubans get their “free” health care.

Meanwhile, her Facebook page is filling up with insults from Castronoids, denouncing her as an ingrate who deserves to die…and poetic praises for the superiority of Cuban hospitals to Italian ones.

O, the perils of apartheid tourism!

Loosely translated from CubaNet

Marta Cavallo, one of the Italian tourists diagnosed with coronavirus and admitted to the “Pedro Kourí” Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK), denounced on social networks the conditions that she lives in that hospital center, located west of Havana.

The woman revealed on Facebook that the treatment received at the IPK was not the best and described the conditions of that hospital as terrible.

We are in a terrible hospital, in awful sanitary conditions, when they give us food, they ask us to drink the soup from the plate, [without a spoon], there is not even toilet paper … they do not give us news of any kind, and it is impossible to talk with any doctor,” wrote the woman on Facebook, ” wrote Cavallo.

Despite the fact that the island’s regime has repeatedly indicated that tourists are in good condition and out of danger, the woman alleges that communication with the institution’s medical staff has not been the best.

According to Cavallo, she and the other two quarantined Italians – one man and one woman – are concerned about their situation on the Island and have asked for help to return to their country.

“We are at the end of our physical and psychological strength … we are worried, tired, devastated, weakened … We want to go home! We are in contact with the embassy, but we have no clear news! “Added the woman.

Both Carvallo and the other two tourists diagnosed with coronavirus arrived in Cuba from Lombardy, a region in northern Italy that is classified as one of the areas of greatest risk.

The six people who had contact with the Italians during their stay in Cuba are also in quarantine.