259 possible coronavirus patients in Cuban hospitals, including 13 Americans, yet Castro regime claims Cuba is ‘safe’

Plague-ridden Braemar cruise ship at Havana harbor, March 17, 2020

From our Bureau of Lethally Irresponsible Socialism

Castro, Inc is so desperate for foreign currency that it is still inviting foreigners to visit Cuba, despite the fact that most civilized countries in the world have closed their borders to stem the growth of the coronavirus plague.

And it’s not just the money involved that could be prompting Castro, Inc to take this totally insane approach to the current crisis.

Obviously, Castro, Inc wants to score some huge propaganda victory by proclaiming itself “safe in all aspects” and by promoting the totally false notion that it has a surplus of medicines that can cure the coronavirus.

Google “Cuba news” and you will see dozens of articles proclaiming the amazing news that Castro, Inc has a cure and is sharing it with the world.

Oh, well. Lying is a virtue for the oligarchs of Castro, Inc. and gullibility is a far too common trait among humans, especially in times of crisis.

Yet, all this lying could have horrific consequences. Inviting foreigners to Cuba’s apartheid tourist resorts is a lot like playing Russian roulette with a six-shooter loaded with five bullets.

So it goes….

Abridged from El Jeral (Miami Herald)

Thirteen travelers from the United States have been isolated in Cuban hospitals and watched for symptoms of COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, according to Cuba’s health minister.

In a government meeting on Friday, José Ángel Portal Miranda, said that 149 people were isolated in several hospitals, including 65 foreigners and 84 Cubans. The details were not readily reported by the official media, but a video clip of the meeting was later shown on state television.

In addition to “foreigners” from the United States, the minister said that 20 Italians, four Spaniards, four Mexicans, and three Canadians were also under observation in hospitals, along with travelers from China, Germany, Argentina, Ecuador, Sweden, France, Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Nicaragua and Panama.

The minister did not clarify whether the travelers from the United States were Cuban-American or what cities they departed from.

On Saturday, the number of people under medical observation rose to 259 — 90 foreigners and 169 Cubans — but the government did not disclose the nationalities of the new foreign patients…

… As most Latin American governments shut down borders and ordered quarantines to limit social contact during the weekend, Cuban officials were sending the message that the country was open and was a “safe” destination for tourists.

“Clients who decide of their own free will to come to Cuba are welcomed,” said Barbara Díaz, director of marketing for the Ministry of Tourism in a press conference. “Our social function is to receive tourists, give them assistance … and demonstrate that Cuba is a safe country in all aspects.”

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