Cubans furious Castro dictatorship allowed British cruise ship with COVID-19 passengers to dock in Cuba

Cubans on the island are furious over the Castro dictatorship’s decision to allow a British cruise ship carrying passengers infected with coronavirus to dock in Cuba. Cubans are angered the socialist regime is more concerned with earning hard cash and scoring political points than protecting the Cuban people from the deadly virus.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Popular discontent over arrival in Cuba of cruise ship with passengers sick with coronavirus

Cubans interviewed by Radio Martí said authorities were putting economic interests above the health of the people with the Cuban government’s decision to allow the British cruise ship MS Braemar to dock in the Port of Mariel while carrying 682 passengers, five of which are infected with the coronavirus.

In Havana, blogger and entrepreneur Fernando Damaso categorized the government’s decision to authorize the ship’s entry into the country as shameful.

“They’re going to charge for that, it’s not free, it’s about taking advantage of a tragedy to make a few bucks,” claimed Damaso.

Sociologist Angel Marcelo Rodriguez Pita emphasized that the authorities are not only interested in “charging” money, they also want to “promote a political image.”

And in Mariel, where the ship docked, the population is indignant, “from the common Cuban to even members of the [Communist] party,” said Moises Leonardo Rodriguez, promoter for Corriente Martiana.

The activist said it was a totally arbitrary decision that has provoked “a lot of disgust among the people.” He emphasized that the government “is chasing after money and disregarding the health” of the people.

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