Cuban officials report 21 confirmed coronavirus cases, 28,139 cases of respiratory illness under surveillance

From our Bureau of Questionable Castronoid Statistics

You know if Castro Inc says that there are 716 suspected cases of coronavirus and 28,139 other cases of respiratory illness “under surveillance” that the real numbers must be much higher.

And you know they’ve got to be lying when they say that the infection “continues to be external, so to date there is no contagion or native transmission”

Lord have mercy.


Cuban health authorities have confirmed on Saturday that two of 21 imported Covid-19 patients are in serious condition and that intensive work is being done to save their lives.

Dr. Jose Raul de Armas, head of the Department of Communicable Diseases of the Public Health Ministry (Minsap), reported that they are a Cuban hospitalized at the Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) and an Italian tourist, both over 60 years of age, admitted to the Fermin Valdes Dominguez Hospital in Holguín.

So far, Cuba has 21 people infected with the new coronavirus; the rest of these cases have maintained a stable clinical evolution, while 716 have been admitted for epidemiological surveillance for having been in contact with those 21, of which 389 qualify as suspects without incidents so far.

In addition, another 28,139 people are under surveillance by the primary health care system (family doctor) for showing respiratory symptoms, including some who have returned from countries where the virus is present, the specialist said.

De Armas confirmed that the source of the Covid-19 in the country continues to be external, so to date there is no contagion or native transmission.