Ilhan Omar sees coronavirus as opportunity for government takeover of hospitals, just like in socialist Cuba

Minnesota socialist and member of “The Squad,” Rep. Ilhan Omar, sees the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity for the government to takeover hospitals, in effect giving Americans the same squalid and dilapidated hospitals found in socialist Cuba.

Via Fox Wilmington WSFX-TV:

Ilhan Omar says coronavirus outbreak calls for ‘radical’ takeover of private hospitals

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar on Tuesday night suggested what she admitted may be a “radical idea” to help fight the coronavirus outbreak.

“All private hospitals should be made public for the duration of the virus,” the Minnesota Democrat wrote on Twitter.

She said a government takeover could help address “some of the pressures our healthcare system is facing.”

Omar offered no specifics on how the takeover of private property would be achieved, but critics on social media quickly reacted that Omar’s plan sounded like communism.

“Here is another radical idea,” one Twitter commenter wrote. “Let’s admit that communism doesn’t work and that it caused the #ChineseVirus.”

“So you can run them in to the ground?” another wrote.

“Spoken like a true Castroite,” a third commented.

Omar has given her presidential endorsement to Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist from Vermont who has drawn criticism for past statements in support of the late Fidel Castro’s communist regime in Cuba, as well as Daniel Ortega’s socialist rule in Nicaragua.

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