If Cubans want to eat, they must stand in long lines for rationed food and risk exposure to coronavirus

Cubans must now choose between eating and risking exposure to coronavirus or staying home and starving to death. This is life in socialist Cuba. This is socialism in action.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Cubans Choose Between Food and Risking Coronavirus in Ration Line

The independent outlet Cubanet published a video Tuesday of a long line in Havana, Cuba, in which distressed citizens complained of waiting outside in close quarters for hours for their government-allotted food rations, exposing themselves to potential carriers of the Chinese coronavirus.

The Cuban communist government claimed to have confirmed 57 cases of Chinese coronavirus on the island as of Wednesday. It identified another 1,479 people hospitalized with symptoms that could indicate a coronavirus infection. The Castro regime claims that Italian tourists brought the virus to the island nation, despite the consistent traffic of people between Cuba and its fellow communist nation China, where the virus originated.

Cuba initially announced it would launch a tourism initiative to attract people whose vacations had been canceled by much of the rest of the world instituting quarantines and lockdowns to combat the highly contagious disease. It also refused to shut down schools; due to severe water and soap shortages in the country, schools requested that parents send each child to their classrooms with a small amount of soap – that parents complained they could not afford or find in any stores.

The Castro regime has since yielded to popular demand to shut down schools, cut traffic from abroad, and shut down bars, night clubs, and other businesses that attract crowds. Other than these measures, however, it has done little to change the daily realities of the average Cuban that make each highly vulnerable to a viral infection.

Paramount among these are the perennial ration lines, where Cubans can spend most of a day waiting for chicken drumsticks, stale bread, or a small allotment of laundry detergent. As the footage published by Cubanet shows, the ration lines do not conform to public health experts’ social distancing guidelines, which suggest people maintain a six-foot distance between each other to keep from spreading the airborne virus.

Many on the lines appear to be wearing homemade masks, which the communist government has encouraged without providing any access to medical masks that can actually block pathogens. Others appear to have made makeshift masks for their children.

“We have been out here fighting over a little bit of chicken for hours,” one person on the line protests.

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  1. New diet plan, that’s all. Besides, food issues are for the “diaspora” to resolve, and if all else fails, then it’s simply the fault of Trump’s Cuba policy. Also, like Mao said, people are a renewable resource–even if a lot of them die, you just get new ones (and he would know, since he killed mucho millions in China).

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